I would recommend Olga’s classes because…

Since joining Olga’s Pilates classes I no longer visit my Osteopath monthly!  My posture has improved so much I look a dress size smaller.
Olga’s classes are always engaging, focused and dynamic and her attention to detail makes every class rewarding.
Thank you Olga.

Liza Miles. Poole.


The way Olga gets you to exercise the whole of your body and afterwards you feel really stretched and supple. It helps if you have any aching muscles, as any aching seems to disappear after a class.
Also Olga explains everything that is going on in the body as you are doing the class, and she does the exercise with you, which helps lot. It is all round exercise without jumping around and sweating. The classes are right for any age. I am in my late sixties and I feel I can carry on doing the class, as there is no pressure to keep up with other people.

J. Dominey


Olga demystifies Pilates, it becomes simplified into bite-size pieces in later weeks suddenly movements join up into a movement which you would it of, thought you could do previously. I regularly get a light bulb moment and I think it was so obvious. Olga explains Pilates in a way also that I have found I can transfer in to everyday life from the breathing exercise to spine exercises that I when I have hurt myself can fudging a better way how to stretch myself. Her lessons are enjoyable, informative and engaging -  my mind doesn’t get bored and that happens in many classes you switch off – in Olga’s you can’t.

Helen Price


"I had heard that pilates was supposed to be good for your posture but I never expected to actually grow an inch going to Olga's classes!" Louise, Poole"

Louise Cornick


Ballet tonight with Olga Vikhrova. Looking forward to a lovely lesson - always enjoy my Friday night ballet and my Monday night Pilates with Olga. Can't help but catch Olga's enthusiasm for fitness, health and dance. Truly fortunate to have discovered you last year Olga and hope you can see an improvement in me!! Thank you!

Andrea Yeadon

My experience of attending Olga's Pilates classes.

I have attended classes with Olga Vikhrova for the last 3 years and have enjoyed the benefits of this wonderful exercise. Olga makes the classes enjoyable and relaxing and I have seen improvement in my posture, balance and a
change in my body shape.  Her emphasis on breathing and a focus on good abdominal control lead to a healthier body and lifestyle.  It is good fun and keeps me young. Thanks Olga. 

 Jackie from Poole Dorset.

Following an accident resulting in 2 broken ankles I was very keen on gaining full mobility as early as possible. The detail of the specific exercises and structured flexing of the appropriate muscles and joints from Olga has been very effective. I think it's the knowledge of the body's wellbeing and non-impact intervention that Olga demonstrated which made the difference to standard advice - 3 months later I'm now regularly running over 5km, so there's the proof.

Colin P. Poole.



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